How Does A Non Techie Build Websites ?  

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It’s very easy simple fun and quick. A point and a click of the mouse with web browser interface and 1,000 template designs anyone can and a wide variety to choose from.

Customize with your favorite theme – layout and color. With graphics and CSS – Cascading styling that makes positioning them or stacking very easy Z drag and drop into place. Such as your own logo or branding with photos and with own fav album personal family or business slides.

Type your own text and fonts size with selection of style. Flash intro really does catch some attention with a little music.

Mobile phones also have internet capabilities for browsing sites and text messaging graphics online games and downloading. With some of the latest technology a person is able to build a .mobi site with a mobile domain with this.

And to keep it up to date with RSS feeds and add a journal dairy or web blog. The website is dynamic and updated in real time with fresh up to the minute hourly daily weekly or monthly content. No need to know the programming languages or really simple syndication with simple point and click technology.

Forums are online communities and a great idea for any website too. For any purpose personal family hobbies friends or just for plain business. The sub domain for an example would be like this - Most web hosting companies or businesses commercially or none some freebie’s allow subs once the domain name is registered.

Up to 25 to unlimited sub domain names depending upon which type of web hosting account the business or individual decides to choose from and most have 3 or more website easy and rapidly to build plans.

Online stores or web shops with SSL® and with built in hosting from a few select items to hundreds and even unlimited product catalog website are very simple and easy with point paste and click. The shopping cart calculates all the totals including tax and shipping with also varies payment methods. And with an up to date snap shot such as a summary the big picture.

That is fun to manage with QuickBooks® and online payment processing that can be integrated and encrypted for non techie to build website/s as easy as 1-2-3.

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