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Everyone need to start measure his/her website Bounce rates. If your website have 80,000 Unique visitor/Month and more then 70% of visitor leave without clicking on any single link within your site.

Sometimes, jumping to deep pages can lead to higher bounce rate because visitors realize that new web page isn't exactly what they are looking for and they leave the website.

Being designer, you need to develop Bounce rate reduction strategies.

slingshotseo give some way to reduce Bounce rate of website

1. Make almost everything on the homepage click-able. That includes flash and images. Make sure that the image maps lead to relevant content, not just some random page.

2. Make sure that your contact information is on every single page of your website except for the homepage. This forces those would be callers to dig at least one page.

3. Come up with catchy tag lines or call to actions. This can be a ribbon, tag, or flash advertisement. Examples would be Free Catalog Download, Competitive Price Matching, Free Shipping, Client Results, Free SEO Tools...etc.

4 If you or your client is using Adwords or CPC programs, make sure that your ads directly relate to your website. Google still includes CPC traffic when calculating the bounce rate for each keyword or phrase.

Being Internet Marketing Expert, SEO or Designer how you can reduce bounce rate of website ?

Source / Read more at Sticky design tricks to keep your visitors from bouncing.

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