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There are many free logo designs available on the Internet for your web site or company, but most of the time creating and designing your own logo makes the most sense and gives it a truly unique touch. However, designing a logo yourself can be a laborious task and too technical if you don’t have the right tools and skills.

However, one site that I just ran across called LogoMaker, allows you to create your own personalized custom logo for a website or business and use it online for free! The cool thing about this web site is that you can design a logo and use it on a personal web site or blog without paying anything. Of course, there’s a catch!

Once designed, you will be able to copy and paste a line of HTML code onto your site that will display your logo from their web site. If you want to download the logo in JPG, PNG, or any other image format and use it on business cards, letters or for any other business purpose, you have to pay $49. However, if you have a really small site or a simple blog, having them host your logo may be perfectly fine! If not, it’s only $49 to make it completely yours.

The design process is extremely easy and basically involves four steps:

1. Choose your industry - To narrow down the images for the second step, you need to choose which industry you are in and you’ll get icons that are related to that field.

create your own logo

Next, you need to choose your icon from one of three types: Symbol based, letter based, or abstract based icons. LogoMaker has over 10,000 professionally-made icons to choose from in their database.

design your own logo

2. Design the Layout - You can now add text to your image, pick from over 200 or more fonts, and change the size, color and orientation of any object in the design window.

create a logo for free

3. Save Logo - Once you’re done designing your logo, click Save Logo and create a new account.

4. Buy, modify, download, or use free logo code - Finally, you can either purchase the logo if you want to download it as a file or use it on other business materials or you can click on the Free Web Logo button and copy the IMG code for the logo.

create free business logo

Simply copy and paste the code anywhere on your web page or site to begin using it. You can use the logo for free as long as you want and on as many pages or sites as you want, there are no restrictions for using it online.

free logo design

Lastly and probably the coolest feature of the site is the Ask A Friend option. They must have realized that when most people design their own logos, they like to get input from other people, such as family or friends before they finalize a design. The Ask A Friend feature allows you to email your logo to others and get their input and ideas for any changes they might suggest for your logo.

LogoMaker is a pretty cool logo creation and designing service that works well for small businesses, individuals , or blogs. Check it out! I think I’ll be creating one very soon!

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