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Both large and small corporate organizations have become conscious of the fact that the World Wide Web gives them instant availability to their corporate clients. You can operate your business with total flexibility and efficiency, all with the single click of a mouse. One of the best reasons for going online is to provide your clientele with customized web page information to meet all their needs at the same time.

With fifty-one percent of corporate businesses indicating that the internet has improved their profitability and helped their business expand; going online is a great way to not only improve your business, but make it more versatile and adaptable in today's fast paced world as well.

Common web design features of Corporate Organizations

Some common and poplar web design features of corporate organizations include:

Photo Albums
On Photo Albums page corporate organizations put the images of their company and employees

Guest Books
Site visitors post entries in an online guest book providing you with useful information about your site and its features.

Message Boards
visitors to post their messages and queries on an online message board or discussion forum

Contact Page
This page includes a list of high level staff such as CEO's, CFO's, MD's, HRM's and members of the Board of Directors that clients can contact within your organization along with a phone number and/or email address.

Links Page
Link pages in and out of your corporate website and organize the pages under headings.

Site Map/ Table of contents
This map or table of contents of the site will help clients to easily navigate their way around the website as it lists the pages in the index along with a description of those pages.

Area Map
Link to online maps showing your office locations on a national and global scale.

Multimedia area
An embedded audio, video or flash file, which is usually about your company, its history and achievements and your work in the community.

FAQ page
This page is a list of questions with links to the answers frequently asked about your organization it its inner workings. FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions page.

Corporate reports
Here clients can download or view corporate reports and reviews of your organization.

Custom Feedback Form
Ask questions about your site and get clientele feedback if any improvements or revisions should be made.

Auto responder
A page that lets visitors enter their email address and have a message mailed to them automatically.

Mailing List / Newsletters
Allows clients to subscribe and unsubscribe from a mailing list or newsletter.

Post special events on an online calendar.

Articles & Press Releases

Post articles and press releases online about your organization and its achievements.

A page about career opportunities in your organization.

Products & Services
This page lists and discuss the product and services offered by your organization.

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